Campaign Outsider Gets No Love From ThirdLove Press Room

Yesterday the headscratching staff wrote about some puzzling ads that have run recently in major daily newspapers, including this one from Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal.



About which we commented thusly:

First of all, a bra ad in the Journal? On B6? Seriously?

But beyond that . . . according to a piece in CNNMoney, “the Journal’s subscriber base . . . is overwhelmingly wealthy older men: 79% of Journal subscribers are male, 88% are above the age of 50 and 70% make over $100,000 a year.”

And, presumably, a very small percentage of them wear bras on a regular basis.

So why did ThirdLove choose the Journal?

We’ll give them a holler and ask.

And so we did, writing “[we] know a full-page ad in the Journal is a major investment. Could you tell [us] where else you advertise . . .  and what your strategy was for including the WSJ in the mix?”

Much to our surprise, we received a response within minutes. But not surprisingly, it was less than enlightening.

Due to the high volume of press inquiries sent to, we unfortunately can’t respond to everybody and will get back to you if there is a fit in working together. As the Founder, starting ThirdLove in my living room just a few short years ago, I still can’t believe we have grown as quickly as we have (pinch me!). I am constantly in awe by the passion of our customers and inspired by all of you.

Thank you, so so much!

That would be ThirdLove co-founder Heidi Zak, and somehow we don’t believe there will be “a fit in working together” with us. So we’re not expecting to hear from Ms. Zak again.

But the reverse might not be true. Let’s see if she runs an ad in Fortune or Forbes.

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