Civilians Who Run Full-Page Ads in the New York Times (“Zappy” Zapolin Edition)

From our All Those Dollars and No Sense desk

It’s amazing the number of people who will shell out six figures to run a New York Times ad that no one will read.

Yesterday’s Times featured the latest sucker who should have just set his money on fire.




The ad addresses opioid addiction and its medical solutions. Here’s the lede.




And who exactly is the author of this plea to a president who doesn’t give a damn?




You can learn more about Zappy here (his version) or here (Google News version). Presumably, bad news for Suboxone would be good business for Zapolin, Inc.

Either way, he’s an adiot.

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3 Responses to Civilians Who Run Full-Page Ads in the New York Times (“Zappy” Zapolin Edition)

  1. Robert Gardner says:

    If your name is Zappy, what have you got to lose?

  2. TDI says:

    CO You read it, and it bothered you enough to write this post about it. Now you’ve spread it a little wider.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      That’s true, TDI – but I don’t think I made it any more cost-effective. I don’t think anything could.

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