The Yin and Yang of Donald Trump’s Tweeting

The hardworking staff has concluded that not only are there two Americas, there are two media Americas as well.

Case in point: These bookend pieces about the Twitter feed of (say it – c’mon, say it) president-elect Donald J. Trump.

Start with Michael D. Shear’s front-page report in Friday’s New York Times.

Trump as Cyberbully in Chief? New Twitter Attack Draws Fire

WASHINGTON — Thirty years as a union boss in Indiana have given Chuck Jones a thick skin. But even threats to shoot him or burn his house down did not quite prepare him for becoming the target of a verbal takedown by the next president of the United States.

In what one Republican strategist described as “cyberbullying,” President-elect Donald J. Trump derided Mr. Jones on Twitter, accusing him of doing “a terrible job representing workers” and blaming him for the decisions by companies that ship American jobs overseas.


The Times report also had various and sundry members of the chinstrokerati characterizing Trump’s tweet as “unprecedented” and evidence of his “willingness to weaponize his Twitter feed.”

And the obligatory is he nuts? graf:

“What you may think is a light tap is a howitzer,” [former Obama administration senior adviser David] Axelrod said. “When you have the man in the most powerful office, for whom there is no target too small, that is a chilling prospect. He has the ability to destroy people in 140 characters.”

Now compare ‘n’ contrast that with Andrew Ferguson’s piece in The Weekly Standard about Trump’s tweets, “those midnight brain belches that suddenly erupt from Trump Tower and are turned into instant news by a panting press corps.”

Ferguson’s drive the chinstrokerati nuts graf:

With a tweet here and a tweet there, and with a reliably hair-trigger hysteria from the press only 140 characters away, Trump is happily driving a wedge between the news media and their intended customers. As if they weren’t already unpopular enough! The dawning Trump era is pushing the mainstream press further and further to the margins of the conversation Americans think is worth paying attention to.

We urge you splendid readers to read the entire piece by the always readable Ferguson.

Then draw your own conclusions.

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