Bill Clinton Just Propositioned The Missus

Well, this is unsettling.

The Missus just received a letter from a certain William J. Clinton asking her to do something “important” for him.

To wit:

Dear [The Missus],

I’m writing to ask you to vote for Hillary on 3/1/16. You have a history of voting, the turnout is going to be high, the election will be very close, and shee [sic] needs your support.

Shee? Is that short for – what? – banshee?

(Not to mention what my old man used to say: Who’s she? The cat’s mother? No idea why.)

Some mom-and-pop psychologists think that deep down, Bill wants Hillary to fail in her presidential quest. So he undermined her in South Carolina in 2008. And he’s gone off-message in 2016.

Maybe they’re right.

Maybe they’re not.

But the Big Dog would be wise to leave the Missus alone from now on.

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