The World’s Serious Just Got Serious

. . . in a seriously bad way, given that the New York Mets went Chernobyl in Game 4.

The gruesome details, via Newsday:

Nightmare eighth inning leaves Mets with 3-1 deficit in World Series

The Mets could see new life. As the end of a tense evening neared, only six outs stood between them and a fresh start in the 111th World Series.image

Then cruelty descended upon Citi Field. Suddenly the Mets could not throw strikes. They could not field grounders. They could not summon the resolve that powered their most charmed summer in 15 years.

Now, after a 5-3 loss to the Royals in Game 4 of the World Series, they face the daunting task of needing to win three straight games to capture their first title since 1986.

Or, more likely, the Royals could capture their first title since 1985.

Regardless, hope springs (or falls) eternal.

We’ll know better tonight.

(Tip o’ the pixel to Ring Lardner’s classic A World’s Serious)

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