Correction o’ the Day (Porky Pig Edition)

From yesterday’s New York Times Sunday Review section.


Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 12.26.38 AM


The news analysis (by Sabrina Tavernise) in question:

Why Russians Hate America. Again.


MOSCOW — ON a warm August evening, I found myself sitting with three educated young Russians at the Beverly Hills Diner, a chain restaurant whose gaudy décor includes human-size figures of Porky the Pig and Marilyn Monroe.

They had invited me to join their table, inside a green convertible car, after I had asked a few reporter-type questions about their country. But all talk of Russia kept leading to America.

“America is trying to encircle us,” said Kristina Donets, 29, swabbing a slice of dessert waffle in banana compote. “We have finally risen out of chaos and you don’t like that.”

No we don’t. We also don’t like Porky Pig being misrepresented.



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