When Hillary Met Snapchat . . .

The 2016 presidential hopefuls are on mobile platforms like Brown on Williamson. Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, WhatsApp – WhatsEver.

But it’s not always pretty. Case in point: Hillary Clinton’s baptism by Snapchat this week.

The call:


Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 12.26.15 AM


The response:


Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 12.30.18 AM



And there’s lots more where that came from.

The moral of the story?

Damned if we know. But it’s probably not good.

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2 Responses to When Hillary Met Snapchat . . .

  1. Steve Stein says:

    Ya gotta reach the kids. And this is what you’d expect when you finally do. At least we haven’t lowered the voting age to 10 or so.

  2. flopscar says:

    “Send nudes lol”


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