New York Times easyJet Piece Gathers No (Kate) Moss

From our Late to the Party Pooper desk

Yesterday’s New York Times Business section featured this Nicola Clark profile of easyJet chief executive Carolyn McCall.

EasyJet Chief Leads Airline Through Turnaround


LONDON — Early in a May conference call with journalists to discuss easyJet’s first-half results, Carolyn McCall, the low-cost airline’s chief executive, seemed puzzled to find herself being grilled about toilets.

Was it the case, several reporters were keen to know, that a planned shift of easyJet’s lavatories toward the tail section would make the ceilings too low for some male passengers to, you know, stand up?

“We don’t believe customers will notice it,” Ms. McCall said of the change in easyJet’s fleet of Airbus A320s, which had just been announced that morning as a way to make room for a row of passenger seats. “We’re not going to do something that reduces customer satisfaction.”

Interestingly, the Times piece never mentions the recent high-profile case of customer dissatisfaction with easyJet.

Via The Independent:

‘Disruptive’ Kate Moss ‘called pilot a basic b*tch’ while being escorted off easyJet plane by police


Supermodel Kate Moss reportedly called the pilot of an easyJet flight a “basic b*tch” as she was escorted off a plane by police this weekend for apparently being “disruptive”.

A passenger on board the flight told MailOnline they heard Moss making the comment as she was being escorted by police.

The passenger said Moss had not behaved aggressively towards any one on board and that the incident, in which Moss had been labelled “disruptive”, had instead been “funny”. They also claimed the cabin crew had acted out of proportion to the situation.

There are, of course, other perspectives on the supermodel’s behavior, but The Daily Beast’s Teo Bugbee did call Moss the least basic bitch.

Regardless, the Times didn’t call her anything in its easyJet piece.


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