Say Hello to the New Shoefie!

From our Fear for the Republic desk

This is an example of the traditional (that is, for all of a year) shoefie.


Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 2.09.23 PM


But there’s good news for the Me, Myselfie, and I set! A whole new definition of shoefie from Miz Mooz.


Coachella and Lollapalooza just banned the selfie stick, but they’ll never ban your shoes. Forget fussing with selfie sticks ever again, Miz Mooz has answered your prayers for the latest upgrade in selfie technology: the Selfie Shoe.
Kick back, relax and take a #shoefie!

That’s right: The Shelfie Shoe, the latest way to celebrate the youness of . . . you!

Helpful video:



The pitch:

At Miz Mooz, we understand the importance of looking great without giving up the comfort our women on-the-go have come to love about our footwear. Introducing the Selfie Shoes.

No matter where you go, you’ll always be camera-ready. Just insert your phone into the port at the front of either your right or left shoe, raise it to the perfect angle and click the internal button with a tap of your toe to take the photo. With the Selfie Shoes, you no longer have to use your arm, so now both hands are free to be in the photo.


Both hands!


As my old man used to say, Good Lord.

P.S. This is not, to the best of our knowledge, an April Fools’ Joke. Would that it were.

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2 Responses to Say Hello to the New Shoefie!

  1. Don’t you know girl humor when you see it? How long have you been married?

  2. Campaign Outsider says:

    I’m tellin’ ya, Mick – if these aren’t real now, they will be soon.

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