Quote o’ the Day (Jimmy Tingle Edition)

The hardworking staff yields to no man in our admiration for local comedian Jimmy Tingle, but we really must take issue with his statement in yesterday’s Boston Globe piece by Eric Moskowitz about whether the Hub of the Universe has an inferiority complex.

Tingle said Boston “has anything New York has, or any other city, in a more manageable level.”

Seriously, Jimmy?

Two questions:

1) Does Boston have as many (per capita) coffee shops as New York? (Coffee shops being the sine qua non of a major city.)

2) Does Boston have traffic lights timed by someone other than Joe Cocker? (How manageable are they?)

Boston – like Frisco – is a town, not a city.

All due respect.

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4 Responses to Quote o’ the Day (Jimmy Tingle Edition)

  1. Campaign Outsider says:

    Thanks, Mick. Nicest thing anyone’s said to me all week.

  2. Bill says:

    There’s an official sign on the road which goes by the Faulkner, about 1/2 mile north of the hospital, that says it all about the lights; it reads something like “Lights Timed to Require Frequent Stops”–sort of like “hey, we’re Boston road-management division, and we’re sticking it to you because we can, so there!”

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