Could Scott Brown Run for U.S. Senate in . . . California?

From our Late to the Revival Party desk

It’s hard to believe that Downturn Scotty Brown (R-Girl Trouble) might ever run for higher office again, but then there’s this from yesterday’s New York Times First Draft:

Boxer’s Retiring, and Ad Agencies Are Celebrating

The actor George Clooney, former Senator Scott P. Brown of Massachusetts and the billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer now have one thing in common. They are all in the conversation about who might take a shot at filling Senator Barbara Boxer’s California seat in 2016. (She announced on Thursday that she wouldn’t be running again.)

Oh, wait – it’s just a joke. Via the Washington Post:

Maybe Scott Brown would like to run in California now?


Former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown’s hop across the state line to make a run as a New Hampshire resident didn’t work out so well for him. But now that he’s got a permanent scarlet C on his chest (for carpetbagger) why not try again?

Maybe next time a little further from his actual home state? A place that would really appreciate a former centerfold model. Somewhere like, say, California?

Parody accounts on Twitter happen almost instantaneously with news events. So it took almost no time after Sen. Barbara Boxer announced she would not seek reelection for her California Senate seat in 2016 for someone on Twitter to imagine an opening for Brown.

It was @ScottBrownCA , with 18 tweets and 576 followers about eight hours ago. The bio read: “Proud to have long and strong ties to the Golden State.”

It’s gone now.

Here’s the real Scott Brown in the Googletron.

And here, for good measure, is Sen. George Clooney.

As the late-to-the-party Barack Obama might say, it’s the silly season.

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4 Responses to Could Scott Brown Run for U.S. Senate in . . . California?

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Gee, didn’t Ed Markey (D-MD) run and win in Massachusetts?

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