A Jason Gay Ol’ Time (Rob Gronkowski Edition)

As the hardworking staff has repeatedly noted, Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Gay gets New England sports like few others.

His latest:

Gronk, Football’s Bouncy Castle


Most delightful renaissance in the NFL right now? Easy.


As in Gronk, Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots tight end, Bill Belichick’s human bouncy castle. Six-foot-6, 265 pounds, galloping straight at you in the open field like a pony who just broke loose at a children’s birthday party.

Tackle him if you can. Better advice: Hide under a picnic table.

Best advice: Read the whole piece.

Our favorite part:

People love the Gronk’s, well…Gronkness. Gronkowski shows up for every NFL game looking like they let him out of school early for a pool party. Brady this week referred to Gronkowski’s “positive enthusiasm,” but that’s blandly selling it short—Gronk enthusiasm is the kind of big-eyed enthusiasm that’s reserved for sneaking all of the principal’s office furniture out onto the 50-yard line, or making it to 8 a.m. in Vegas. (”Hilarious too-muchness” is how Grantland’s Wesley Morris once described it.) Part of me would love very much to drive across the country in a bus with Gronk. The other part of me would jump out as we were pulling out of the driveway.

Us? We want to drive cross-country with Jason Gay.

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