GOP = Got Our Pitch? (II)

As the hardworking staff recently noted, for reasons unknown we’ve been plunged lately into a Republican fundraising emailstrom.

Representative samples include this missive from Karl Rove (subject line: TIGHT AS A TICK):


President Obama’s approval ratings keep dropping, no reliable poll shows battleground Senate Democrats with over 50% support, and GOP voters are excited to cast their ballots in 41 days. The midterm environment is toxic for Democrats, yet there’s a chance Republicans may not take the Senate. Why?

The Democrats have a huge money advantage. Last month alone, Democrats outraised Republicans by $1.6 million dollars.

They intend to outspend Republicans between Labor Day and Election Day, having bought $109 MILLION in television ads already, compared to $85 million for GOP candidates and their allies so far.

And etc.

We gotta ask: Who exactly is tight as a tick? Republican donors? Senate races? Karl Rove? Damned if we know. And the email never says.

Regardless, here’s our favorite GOPanhandling email (subject line: Pelosi ALL in):

1. Yesterday, we broke the news that [House Minority Leader Nancy] Pelosi recently compared Republicans to the terrorist state ISIS.
2. Then we learned that her campaign machine, the Democratic Congressional Committee, has just been approved for a $10 million loan (!).

Now it’s unclear who in their right mind would loan liberals that kind of money . . .

Uh, maybe the same people who gave House Republicans a $20 million line of credit?

We’re not just through the looking glass here, folks. These idiots (and that includes Democrats) have shattered the looking glass.

Your reflections go here.

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4 Responses to GOP = Got Our Pitch? (II)

  1. Wow, they’re really going for the $5 donations with that last one, eh?

  2. Mudge says:

    Isn’t it well known that people grow more conservative as they grow older?

    Maybe the Republican messaging and funding algorithm his found out that your hair is going grey and are trying to confirm the adage?

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Good theory, Mudge, except I’m not going grey, which drives my three brothers – all younger, all totally grey – nuts.

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