PAC-on-PAC Action in U.S. Senate Races!

It’s the Clash of the Titans (Political Fundraising Division) in swing-state U.S. Senate races these days. The latest thing is Super PACs attacking the opponent’s Super PAC in TV spots.

Start with the Senate Majority PAC whacking Arkansas GOP Senate candidate Tom Cotton for, according to Politico’s Morning Score, “opposing the farm bill, linking his vote to outside groups’ spending on his behalf” – specifically the diabolical Koch Brothers.



Get that – “disturbing revelations from a secret meeting with billionaires”?

Then there’s the diabolical Karl Rove’s GOP Super PAC American Crossroads dopeslapping Iowa Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley on his flip-flopping over the Keystone XL pipeline, which Braley first supported but now opposes due to the diabolical influence  (and money) of eco-billionaire Tom Steyer.



Get that – “[Braley’s] on the side of billionaire special interests”?

(Fun fact to know and tell, also via Politico: In a poll of likely Iowa voters, 71% said they were “less likely to support a candidate if he or she was being bankrolled by the Koch brothers.” (That would be Braley’s opponent, Joni Ernst.) Of course the poll was bankrolled by Tom Steyer, but why get technical about it.)

Finally, Crossroads GPS – a diabolical Rove 501(c)(4) – has launched a similar broadside against Michigan Democratic Senate candidate Gary Peters, who’s being grubstaked by – wait for it – Tom Steyer..



Get that – “Peters sided with a California billionaire who could profit if the [Keystone] pipeline is blocked”?

Man, billionaires can’t get any love nowadays, can they?

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  1. At least we know things are in capable hands.

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