Dead Blogging ‘Over Here’ at Boston Athenaeum

Well the Missus and I trundled downtown yesterday to catch Over Here: World War I Posters From Around The World and say, it was swell.

The Boston Athenæum holds an extraordinary, but little known, collection of World War I posters. Consisting of nearly 1,800 savewheat1posters from fourteen countries, this collection provides a unique graphic record of the War of Nations. The exhibition, Over Here: World War I Posters from around the World, timed to coincide with centennial observances of World War I, will feature highlights from the collection, including forty-four framed posters and cases filled with leaflets, postcards, and book and magazine illustrations.

Boston is currently awash in World War I posters, from the Athenaeum exhibit to the MFA’s Over There! Posters from World War I to the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center’s Ardent for Some Desperate Glory: Remembering World War I at Boston University.

Catch them all if you can.

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