That’s Just So Mean! (HRC/NYP Edition)

Today’s New York Post was clearly channeling the National Enquirer with this Page One political screamer. (Tip o’ the pixel to the Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages.)




Even more hyperventilating than the front page was the piece itself, which was written by Edward Klein, a notorious Hillary-hater, writer of spasmodic accuracy, and evil Boswell to Barack Obama.


President Obama has quietly promised Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren complete support if she runs for president — a stinging rebuke to his nemesis Hillary Clinton, sources tell me.


Also stinging – the photos of Clinton the Post features, including this one:


2013 Greenbuild Conference


And this one:





Those two were online, and both pale by comparison with the one in the Post’s print edition, which does not seem to be online. (But just this once, take our word for it.)

As for Warren, the early money says it’s highly unlikely she’ll run (see this pro/con in the current issue of The New Republic).  But that doesn’t mean she might not stalk Clinton from here to election day, writes TNR’s Noam Scheiber:

The mere thought of Warren seems to rattle the Clintons, who are haunted by the debacle of 2008. When Warren’s Senate campaign asked Bill Clinton for help in 2012, he declined to appear in public with her, agreeing only to a photo at a private event that she could distribute . . .

Warren herself seems inclined to keep the Clintons on edge. She recently needled Hillary in The Washington Post over her “dead broke” comments and refused to entirely rule out a presidential run. In late April, she wrote an op-ed titled “The Citigroup Clique,” in which she announced her “growing frustration over the concentration of people with ties to the megabank Citigroup in senior government positions.”


Clintonistas, she’s talkin’ to you.

Meanwhile, this TNR photo of Clinton means we have our first bipartisan edition of Just So Mean!


Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 5.29.41 PM


C’mon, guys – enough already!

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7 Responses to That’s Just So Mean! (HRC/NYP Edition)

  1. Steve Stein says:

    Enough already? You’re talking Clinton here, so enough is NEVER enough. You’re forgetting the Clinton Rules of Journalism:

    • Curmudgeon says:

      Much of which, Steve, stems from Hillary’s “two-fer” when Bill was elected and her making lots of money on a measly investment…not to mention her Rose Law Firm billing fiasco, the Hillarycare bomb, and now her claim that she and Bill were dead broke in 2001.

      There are many, even among Democrats, who suggest that she has earned a fair amount of the static that she is receiving.

  2. Nothing the haters on the right print or say about HRC matters to the majority of voters in the inhabited states. At this point, in fact, it helps her.

    However, when the left – like MSNBC – pile on, it hurts. They killed her in 2008, and are warming up to do it again.

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