Why We Love the Stanley Cup Bakeoffs (DeadBlogging Game 5)

First off the hardwatching staff wants to nominate hockey as the real beautiful game (sorry, fútbol), especially during the Stanley Cup Finals.

There’s almost never a bad finals game, and last night’s double-overtime tilt between the Los Angeles Kings and the New York Rangers was no exception.

Random ramblings:

• Could Mike Emrick please call every hockey game? Everywhere? (Nice NPR interview here.)

• Thankfully, this series never got ugly, just a little firm-jawed now and then.

• Pick up the action in the third period, where Marian Gaborik tied the score 2-2 on a power play the Kings never should have had.



• Rangers once again weak on the puck in last six minutes, lucky to even make it to overtime.

• Frantic action in first overtime.

• Rangers power play.

McDonough hits the post!

• Fabulous hockey – any way both these teams can win?

Toffoli hits the crossbar!

• Frantic action in the second overtime.

• LAK penalty, good NYR power play – nothing.

Someone hits the post! 

• Nash wide-open net, deflected by Voynov.

• Kings 3-on-2 – score!



• Handshake line.



• The always eloquent Doc Emrick, as rival goaltenders Jonathan Quick and Hendrik Lundqvist meet: “How shattered one must be, how elated the other. And there they are.”

And there you are. Another Stanley Cup inscription to come.

P.S. A week ago our friend and splendid reader Mick sent us this:

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 5.40.25 PMRight again, Mick. As you invariably are on all matters hockey.


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2 Responses to Why We Love the Stanley Cup Bakeoffs (DeadBlogging Game 5)

  1. Thanks for the shout out. Sorry for being right. Any chance I could be a poor guest and ask you to crop my IP address out of that image? 🙂

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