Why We Love the Stanley Cup Bakeoffs (LA = Let’s Advance Edition)

In the runup to Friday night’s Chicago Blackhawks-Los Angeles Kings Western Conference Finals Game 6, the redoubtable Drew Doughty of the Kings said this:

“We know how good a team they are. We know they know how to win. We also know they took our Cup from us last year.

“So now it’s our turn. We want to eliminate this team. They eliminated us last year in Game 5 or whatever it was (Chicago won the decisive Game 5 over the Kings). It’s our turn to return the favor.

The Kings promptly lost Game 6 at home.

But last night they won Game 7 on the road for the third time one Stanley Cup season, something no other NHL team has done. And they won it in spectacular style, coming back from deficits of 2-0, 3-2, and 4-3 in regulation.

That last:



And in overtime?



How much did the NHL poobahs love that.

Let the wild Rangers-Kings bicoastal rumpus begin!


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9 Responses to Why We Love the Stanley Cup Bakeoffs (LA = Let’s Advance Edition)

  1. Never write off a team that’s genuinely afraid of its coach.

  2. Bill says:

    Please, enough with the hockey coverage…we get it already, we really do!

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