Why We Love the Stanley Cup Bakeoffs (Martin St. Louis Edition)

First, disclosure: The hardwatching staff really likes the Boston Bruins, but we’ve been a New York Rangers fan since the age of 10.

In the early ’60s we’d venture weekly to the old Madison Square Garden and plunk down $2 to sit in the second balcony and watch the hapless Blueshirts. (Those were the Gump Worsley years, as we chronicled here.)

But now the Rangers have a shot at their first Stanley Cup Finals in 20 years. And – special bonus –  we really like this team

(Disclosure #2: We hated the Rangers team that broke the Curse of the Burned Mortgage back in 1994.)

Enter Ranger/Hessian Martin St. Louis, who lost his mother during the Eastern Conference semifinals and became the inspiration for the Rangers’ comeback from a 3-1 deficit to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

St. Louis – after being stoned numerous times by Montreal Canadiens rookie goaltender Dustin Todarski – potted the winning goal last night that put the Rangers up 3-1 on the Habs in the Eastern Conference finals.




See you tomorrow night in Montreal.


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2 Responses to Why We Love the Stanley Cup Bakeoffs (Martin St. Louis Edition)

  1. Someone should put that St. Louis kid on an Olympic team.

    Btw, the answer to the question, “What could make Mick and his wife root for the Rangers?” Is “If they’re playing the Habs.”

    Whoever emerges from the west, tho, will be tough. Methinks.

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