That’s Just So ‘Means’! (NYT Ermenegildo Zegna Edition)

The hardworking staff is always amused by what the New York Times considers mainstream fashion.

From Matthew Schneier’s piece in yesterday’s Thursday Styles section:

Dressing the Man of Means

Designers Are Waking Up To a Men’s Luxury Fashion Market


The lexicon describing male shopping has been lately enriched with newly minted acronyms and portmanteaux, following in the vaunted (and derided) footsteps of “metrosexual.” Bain & Company calls this spender-to-be Henry (High Earner, Not Rich Yet); the bank HSBC, more cringe-worthily, calls him a Yummy (Young Urban Male). But if you christen him, will he come?

The largest players in the industry are hoping yes.

“Finally the men’s business is waking up,” said Gildo Zegna, the chief executive of the Ermenegildo Zegna Group, one Saturday afternoon in his sunny office in Milan. “We’re taking it more seriously. We’re trying to make it more fun.”

Fun Exhibit A (Jimmy Cap Division):

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 12.46.50 AM

Raise your hand if you’d go out in public looking like that.

Yeah – us neither.


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1 Response to That’s Just So ‘Means’! (NYT Ermenegildo Zegna Edition)

  1. He looks like the Smurf that came home from art school.

    We were also fans of last week’s “silk and satin overcoat.” Because nothing says winter in NY like silk & satin.

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