Let the $2.6 Billion* Rumpus Begin! (Kids Klub Edition)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the quality of any TV spot is in inverse proportion to the number of the advertiser’s children/grandchildren appearing in it.

Regardless, today’s Politico Morning Score noted two campaign commercials featuring the candidate’s kids.

Start with Iowa’s GOP Senate primary (for the seat retiring Sen. Tom Harkin is vacating).

As the June 3 GOP Senate primary in Iowa approaches, the air war there is heating up. Former U.S. Attorney Matt Whitaker is going up with his first ad, focusing on his past career as a University of Iowa football player and his time as U.S. attorney; businessman Mark Jacobs, who’s already been spending heavily on the airwaves, has a new ad where his son and daughter outline a campaign “plan” for him.

The Jacobs spot:



Not exactly a concept with a capital K, but in the same zip code.

Motor south to Georgia, and you encounter this: “Georgia GOP Rep. Jack Kingston’s four children star in the Senate candidate’s latest ad, talking about Kingston’s fiscal management around the house.”




Or is it just us?

* According to Larry Sabato in Politico (“an increase of 10% or more from the last midterm election in 2010″)

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2 Responses to Let the $2.6 Billion* Rumpus Begin! (Kids Klub Edition)

  1. Could be worse; could be their pickup trucks talking.

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