Why We Love the Stanley Cup Bakeoffs: Yesterday Was 2/1/14

First, let’s stipulate that the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs is not only the Greatest Show on Ice, but the Greatest Show on Earth as well.

Eight series. Three time zones. Puck around the clock.

So to yesterday, which featured games in four of the series, three of which stood at 2-0.

And all of which now stand at 2-1.

Begin with the Chicago Blackhawks-St. Louis Blues tilt, with the latter team up two games to none.




Announcer: “And Chicago is back in this series.”

Motor west to the Minnesota Wild-Colorado Avalanche game 3, with the former team down 0-2, but not dead yet, thanks to a spectacular overtime goal by Mikael Granlund.



Announcer: “And the Wild are back in the series.”

Finally, the third face-off between the Dallas Stars and the Anaheim (Not So Mighty) Ducks, with the Stars in a two-oh hole.



Us: And the Stars are back in the series.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.


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