Our ‘Beat the Press Party’ Bakeoff (Boston Herald Liable for Libel Edition)

This week’s Great Boston MediaWatch Dogfight features a very special topic: The legal beatdown of the Boston Herald for libeling a local woman in its 2009 report that she engaged in “sexual acts” with a convicted murderer at Bridgewater’s Old Colony Correctional Center.

The Herald’s Press Party featured . . . well, nothing about the verdict.

The Wayne’s World webcast:



Crosstown at WGBH’s Beat the Press, it was an entirely different story.



Splendid reader Bob Gardner told our kissin’ cousins at Two-Daily Town, “My guess is that someone at BTP will point out how much they respect Joe Sciacca.”

Didn’t happen. Sorry, Bob.

But especially – sorry, Joe.

Better luck next libel.


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4 Responses to Our ‘Beat the Press Party’ Bakeoff (Boston Herald Liable for Libel Edition)

  1. bob gardner says:

    I stand behind my prediction. It was meticulously researched and well written.

  2. Boy…

    Hate to say this, HWS, but with the exception of the two people sitting farthest to the right, the BTP panel (on this subject, anyway) was a waste of 5 minutes. The other three added literally nothing, and Louis LeBeau is genuinely embarrassing to listen to.

    BTW: whoever came up with the idea of sitting five adults at a kindergarten crafts counter should be sent out for coffee; they look ridiculous. What happened to this show?

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