New York Times Mocks Scott Brown

Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown (R-Elsewhere) has gotten plenty of press over his Friday announcement that he’s “formed an exploratory committee to prepare a campaign for the United Staes Senate” in New Hampshire.

But it’s the New York Times coverage that’s caught the hardclicking staff’s eye.

From Katharine Q. Seelye’s piece in Saturday’s Gray Lady:

[T]here is something about Mr. Brown that lends itself to humor. He jumped shirtless into ice-cold water this winter in 15scott-master675Hampton Beach, N.H., to benefit the Special Olympics, resulting in a picture of the half-naked former senator on the front page of The New Hampshire Union Leader. Years ago, as a model working his way through law school, he posed nude in Cosmopolitan.

He was a topic of conversation at Nashua’s Wild Irish Breakfast political roast on Friday morning, even though he was nowhere in sight. Senator Kelly Ayotte, a Republican, said that Mr. Brown passed on attending the breakfast when he found out he would have to wear a shirt.


Let’s see if Brown gets shirty about the Times coverage anytime soon.


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3 Responses to New York Times Mocks Scott Brown

  1. Did I mention he wore a RED SWEATER to a Bruins home game vs. the Habs? He’d have been better off shirtless.

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