Dear Malcolm: Sorry Your Resignation Got Short Shrift in the Times

The decision by Boston Museum of Fine Arts director Malcolm Rogers to retire was front-page news in Friday’s Boston Globe.

MFA director Malcolm Rogers to retire


Museum of Fine Arts director Malcolm Rogers, whose 19-year tenure has been marked by massive growth and a slate of exhibitions both popular and controversial, announced Thursday night he will retire as soon as a successor is hired to run the region’s largest art museum.

Rogers, who is 65 and recently turned down a contract extension that would have left him in charge through 2018, said he is retiring to free himself from an overpacked schedule.

“If you’re going to be 80 in 15 years, how do you make the most of those years?” he said in an interview with the Globe. “The other part of the equation is having been here 20 years, I think a fresh pair of eyes, a fresh intelligence will be beneficial.”

The Boston Herald was, predictably, less invested, sticking the story on Friday’s page 22.


Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 12.47.21 AM


Ditto for the New York Times, which relegated Rogers’ resignation to Saturday’s Arts, Briefly column.


Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 1.15.20 AM


This is the way MalcolmWorld ends: Not with a bang, but with an NYT whimper?

Many regrets, Mr. Rogers. You deserved better.


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