Where in The Times Is Brian McFadden?

Granted, the hardworking staff has run cold and hot with New York Times cartoonist Brian McFadden. But we were dismayed to see not McFadden’s work, but this cartoon by Michael Kupperman and David Rees in yesterday’s Sunday Review.




There’s no “Brian McFadden is not drawing today” below the strip. No “Brian McFadden is on book leave” either.

So the hard tweeting staff hied us to McFadden’s Twitter feed, which features . . . absolutely nothing about this omission.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, yeah?


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3 Responses to Where in The Times Is Brian McFadden?

  1. Bill says:

    Sorry, but the never-ending smugness, self-satisfied tone, and sanctimonius attitude of all these “cartoonists” is a real turn off. They are just oh-so-pleased with themselves and their presumed cleverness. Won’t miss any of them.

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