Our ‘Beat the Press Party’ Bakeoff (One Town, Two Different Places Edition)

The Great Boston MediaWatch Dogfight this week provides another episode in our long-running One Town, Two Different Places mediadrama.

Boston Herald’s underdog Press Party featured this:

On Press Party this week we talk about why the media’s attention was so focused on Chris Christie’s “Bridgegate” when they should have turned their heads to look at a different kind of watergate.

The national media mostly ignored the West Virginia water PressParty_ShowLogocrisis that left 300,000 people without clean water. Boston Herald Radio’s Adriana Cohen points out that if there was a chemical spill in Concord, residents would be out of luck because water bottles are banned.

The media fail of the week also comes from West Virginia when a local paper printed a description of a suspect and said he was “described as a black male.” This did not go over well with City Councilor TIto Jackson who says many times black suspect’s pictures are larger than white suspects and news organizations need to look at that as an ethical issue as well.

Wayne’s World webcast here:



Crosstown at big dog WGBH’s Beat the Press, it was a whole different stories.

The Beatniks discussed his ‘n’ her columns by Bill and Emma Keller about cancer victims, Gabriel Sherman’s new book about Fox Newshound Roger Ailes, and NESN reporter Jenny Dell’s romantic link to Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks.

And then there’s the Beatniks’ Rants ‘n’ Raves:



We’ll just say this:

You’ll never get a shoutout to Al Jazeera America on Press Party.


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