Our ‘Beat The Press Party’ Bakeoff (Two Different Worlds Edition Umpteen)

The Great Boston MediaWatch Dogfight proceeded apace last Friday, and for the umpteenth time the two local media hall monitors operated in parallel universes.

Start, as always, with Underdog Boston Herald’s Press Party. The Wayne’s World webcast featured this lineup of topics:

The end of the federal government shutdown and the Red Sox stealing media attention away from the candidates led the debate in the latest episode of the Boston Herald’s “Press Party” PressParty_ShowLogoweb show.

This week’s panel, including Herald chief political reporter Hillary Chabot and media consultant Jaclyn Cashman, the co-hosts of Herald Radio’s “Morning Meeting” show, also discussed the media’s continued harsh treatment of former GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and her possible political comeback.

And what, you might be wondering, was the media fail of the week? So glad you asked.

The media failure of the week was an MSNBC executive who demanded an investigation into why the new Fox News show hosted by Megyn Kelly had a sudden ratings surge in its debut week. The investigation showed the ratings were accurate and embarrassed MSNBC.

Now cut to Big Dog WGBH’s Beat the Press, which showcased these topics.

btplogo• Beat the Press took a beating this week after last Friday’s discussion about billionaire climate change skeptic David Koch and his contributions to NOVA, so we tackled it again.

• It’s been almost a year since Global Post journalist James Foley disappeared in Syria.

• Our panel rants and raves of the week for the week of Oct. 18, 2013.

One town, two different places.

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2 Responses to Our ‘Beat The Press Party’ Bakeoff (Two Different Worlds Edition Umpteen)

  1. Now we need a website for commentary on this website’s commentary of the media’s commentary on its commentary.

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