Did Dan Shaughnessy Just Jinx The Sox?

It’s called a kahn aynhoreh, “the magical phrase uttered to ward off the evil eye” according to The Joys of Yiddish.

And Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy failed to say it in his front-page piece in today’s Sports section.

1005slider16-13070Is it really necessary to go to Tampa?

Do we really have to go to Tampa/St. Pete? Can’t we just forgo the formalities and let the Red Sox advance to the American League Championship Series on sheer style, dominance, karma, and duende?

The Duck Dynasty/ZZ Top/Fidel Castro Red Sox look unbeatable at this hour. They bested the fatigued Rays, 7-4, at Fenway Park again on Saturday night and will send 12-1 Clay Buchholz to the mound to finish the series Monday.

And it gets even worse at the end . . .

Read the rest at It’s Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town.


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3 Responses to Did Dan Shaughnessy Just Jinx The Sox?

  1. Jan Dumas says:

    I can’t believe he is still employed! Seriously how is he still employed?

  2. He does this dreck all the time.

  3. Bob Gardner says:

    The point about mr chb is that it’s all about him. That’s not subtext like with other sportswriters–it’s the only text. So while it is necessary to for the Red Sox to go to Tampa, it’s not necessary at to read his column.

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