Correction o’ the Day (Red Sox Hideous Beards Edition)

From yesterday’s New York Times:

An article on Monday about the Boston Red Sox’ bonding by growing beards misstated the year the team adopted the catchphrase “Cowboy Up.” It was 2003, not 2004.

Well, the hardworking staff had missed that piece, so we clicked on over.

Bonding With Beards, the Red Sox Repair Their Clubhouse Chemistry


The Boston Red Sox take their craft seriously. Catcher David Ross owns a special comb. First baseman Mike Napoli has reached a level of forestation so impenetrable that a family of squirrels could be living on his face. And pitcher Andrew Miller has stayed true enough to the cause that he said his wife had “given up the battle.”

The Red Sox have done two things exceptionally well this season: play baseball and grow beards.

The piece states further,  “[t]he Red Sox are fairly conformist with their look: trim along the cheeks with a bulbous bottom, as if a hairy water balloon were swaying in the breeze.”

Seriously? Fairly conformist?

The current edition of the Sox looks like a spinoff of Duck Dynasty, a bunch of hillbillies engaging in random acts of grindness.

Fairly conformist? Like Si says, Hey don’t hustle a hustler.


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3 Responses to Correction o’ the Day (Red Sox Hideous Beards Edition)

  1. Do the Jewish players have intact forestations?

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