NYT Targets Boston Shootings Rise

Saturday’s New York Times took a big swing at the rise in Boston gun violence since the April Marathon bombings.

Violence Rises in Boston Off the National Stage


BOSTON — The Boston Marathon bombings produced an outpouring of attention to this city, but in violence-prone neighborhoods like Roxbury and Dorchester, some say the attention has made them feel only more isolated.

“Since April 15, we’re at over 115 shootings,” a city councilor, Tito Jackson, told a Boston police officer from the department’s gang unit at a public safety meeting at a Roxbury community center late last month.

Consequently, “in the nearly five months since the marathon . . . community activists, clergy members and others have used the mounting tally of shootings to call attention to the everyday reality of violence and to push for measures to address the weapons trafficking, gangs and fundamental mistrust between the community and the police that they believe contribute to it.”

In other words, plus ça change and etc.

But something new: Jamarhl Crawford of Blackstonian.com made his Times debut in the piece.

The tally — which rose to 124 with a shooting in Mattapan on Thursday — is showcased daily in an image designed to look like a marathon runner’s number on Blackstonian.com, a Web BOSTON-2-articleInlinesite aimed at black Bostonians. The image, which has spread on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, was created by Jamarhl Crawford, a writer and graphic artist who is running a write-in campaign for Mr. Jackson’s council seat and who convened a rally at City Hall last month to mark 100 shootings since the marathon.

All of 40 people showed up, but why get technical about it.

For scale, there’s this: “As of Aug. 26, there were 185 shootings in Boston this year, compared with 164 during the same period last year. That is well below the more than 400 shootings a year that took place in the early 1990s, but it is likely to overtake the fewer than 200 shootings a year recorded during most of the late ’90s.”

So it’s better but it’s worse.

Plus ça change and etc.


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3 Responses to NYT Targets Boston Shootings Rise

  1. Yabbut think of all the gun sales.

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