How Tom Menino Became Champion Of Boston Teen Summer Jobs

Boston Globe columnist Shirley Leung filed a piece on Friday that sang the praises of Boston Mayor Tom Menino as Mr. Summer Jobs.

Nut graf:

Most major American cities abandoned their summer jobs programs after the federal funds that fueled them dried up more8739a4cb56cc41ce8f9e5d8f1271f6ca-8739a4cb56cc41ce8f9e5d8f1271f6ca-0 than a decade ago. But that didn’t happen here, not in Boston, not under Menino.

From the very beginning, he has been a champion of giving teens an opportunity to work, and every year he makes sure the city sets aside several million dollars for summer jobs.

But what Leung forgot to mention is that Menino began that history during his 69 days as acting mayor in 1993, when, according to the New York Times, “he spent $500,000 of the city’s emergency fund to create summer jobs for teen-agers.”

As he said back then, he wasn’t the actin’ mayah – he was the action mayah.

And the emergency was getting him elected in his own right.


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