Bing Bling For Schools

From our Late to the Party Favors desk

This ad appeared in Sunday’s New York Times:

Picture 5

Which got the hardwondering staff to wondering: What’s that all about?

Just this (via PRNewswire):

REDMOND, Wash., Aug. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Bing launched a free, national pilot program — Bing for Schools — today that gives districts across America the choice to have ad-free search in their schools. Bing for Schools offers K–12 public MICROSOFT LOGOand private schools in the U.S. the choice to avoid the commercialization of student Web searches performed on the school network by removing all advertisements from search results. Bing is the first and only major search engine to give schools such a choice.

Well bully for Bing.

The Microsoft search engine, which got a megabucks launch but totally failed in its effort to be verbed, has now bumped up against the Google ceiling, as this comScore ranking illustrates:

Picture 6

So Bing needs to bring new business its way.

And grammar schools and high schools are ripe for the plucking, as TechCrunch reports:

Picture 7Bing For Schools Launches, Ditching Ads And Rewarding Searches With Surface RT Tablets For Schools

Microsoft previewed its Bing for Schools initiative back in June, an opt-in program for educational institutions that allows schools to sign up to offer a version of Bing to their students that drops advertisements and increases privacy protections. The Bing for Schools program launches for K through 12 schools today, and as an added bonus, using it will earn users points that their school can redeem for free Surface RT tablets.

Of course, no one really wants Surface RT tablets.

But why get technical about it.

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2 Responses to Bing Bling For Schools

  1. Is this a good place to mention my son’s school gave them all Kindle HD Fires?

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