Al Jazeera America Has Bad News For The Boston Herald

The hardreading staff gets four newspapers delivered to the Global Worldwide Headquarters every day: Boston Globe, Boston Herald, New York Times, Wall Street Journal.

Guess which one didn’t have an ad promoting today’s launch of Al Jazeera America, the Qatar-based news organization that recently bought Al Gore’s ghostship channel, Current TV?

That’s right. The Herald.

Today’s Globe featured this ad on the back page of the A section:

Picture 2

The Journal ran the same ad, except with different colors.

The Times, meanwhile, had two Al Jazeera America ads . . .

Read the rest at It’s Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town.

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3 Responses to Al Jazeera America Has Bad News For The Boston Herald

  1. Al says:

    The Herald’s readers are never going to turn to Al Jazeera America. Why waste ad dollars on a market with no upside?

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      What about the hate-watchers, Al? That’s a big audience you could draw from the Herald.


      • Al says:

        I thought they only go where their ideas get encouraged, not where differing views are presented. You know, like the FoxNews crowd.

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