NYT Spurns Horndog Spitzer, Endorses Underdog In Comptroller Race

This New York Times editorial is one sweet drive-by on Client No. 9:

For New York City Comptroller

Scott Stringer has done an outstanding job as Manhattan borough president and would make a fine New York City comptroller. He is not a flashy candidate and he has no measurable notoriety. But in this turbulent election season, we don’t need another celebrity office seeker.

Money quote:

Mr. Stringer’s opponent, Eliot Spitzer, has intellect and cunning, but he lacks the qualities critical for this job. Mr. Spitzer entered the race at the last minute, seemingly for no reason except to thrust himself back into the limelight and to offer his services again as sheriff of Wall Street. But that is a problem: it’s the same character, in a different play, on the wrong stage.

As the editorial notes, “[still, Spitzer] could win the race handily, given his own fortune, which has allowed him to spend on ads and capitalize on his name recognition. People remember him as an aggressive, effective state attorney general, and he promises to reprise that role in a smaller arena. That logic falters when you factor in his term as governor, a dismal performance that ended abruptly when he resigned in a prostitution scandal.”

Wethinks the Times is whistling past the graveyard. Unfortunately, Eliot Spitzer has yet to be interred.

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