NYT ‘First Crush’ Series Crashes

Okay – this has happened to the hardworking staff and the Missus once too often.

We looked at yesterday’s New York Times front page and here’s what we saw:

Picture 1

That lede – “I’ve been writing about art professionally for more than 30 years, and I fell in love with language before I fell in love with art. Words ended up being my connection to art, and writing came first” – makes you think, “Hey, Holland Carter’s retiring.”

Not so, as you learn when you go to the jump on page 3, which includes this at lower left:

Picture 2

Hey, Timesniks:

Stop labeling the First Crush series this way:

Picture 3

And start labeling it the right way.


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2 Responses to NYT ‘First Crush’ Series Crashes

  1. Remind me to cover my eyes when they show Michiko Kakutani’s inspiration.

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