Our ‘Beat The Press Party’ Bakeoff (Globe Sale Edition)

Well the Great Boston MediaWatch Dogfight continued apace last Friday, and the most interesting contrast between the two local media hall monitors was their coverage of the Boston Globe sale to Red Sox owner John Henry.

Start, as usual, with the Underdog: the Wayne’s World webcast that is the Boston Herald’s Press Party (still not posted on YouTube – what are you, morons, Heraldniks?).

The Press Partyliners promised to tell us “why other [Globe] bidders are crying foul, and why critics are calling it the ultimate conflict of interest.”

Representative sample:

If the Boston Globe said [to Henry] you know, we need you to do this that and the other thing, would you mind taking care of that – I think John Henry would do that. The other bidders, not so much.

Whatever that means. And then there’s this:

I think it makes a feel-good story. I felt like the New York Times here was looking for a little bit of spin here – instead of the story being focused on how much more they’ve actually lost out of this deal. Instead the story is – whoa, Red Sox owner, right? That’s actually the more catchy headline than ‘Big Loser to Other Nondescript Media Conglomerate Who Has Purchased This.’

Okay then.

Crosstown at Big Dog WGBH, Beat the Press featured a – wait for it – very different discussion:


Representative sample:

I think the big thing here is what great news this is for the newspaper business – absolutely tremendous . . . in a week we’ve gone from continued pessimism about the news business to guarded optimism about where this might be going.

Yes, well those are parallel universes, yeah?

Meanwhile . . .

Fun fact to know and tell: The hardworking staff got a shoutout from Herself during BTP’s Rants ‘n’ Raves segment. You can see it here at around 4:56 but, really, why would anyone bother? (Tip o’ the pixel to Laurence Glavin.)

See you next Dogfight.

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6 Responses to Our ‘Beat The Press Party’ Bakeoff (Globe Sale Edition)

  1. I hear Jenna Marbles is buying the NYTimes.

  2. John, there were no LTEs about the sale in the Sunday Globe either. I thought they would at least save a page to publish all the responses they got. Nope.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Yeah, the Globe buried them in the Saturday edition. Interesting.


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