Please, MLB: Ban A-Roid For Life

New York Yankees cancer Alex Rodriguez is engaged in another slapfight with the ballclub over his return to the mothership, detailed in this New York Times piece:

Rodriguez and Yankees Clash Again Over His Status


ARLINGTON, Tex. — No one is exactly sure what will become of Alex Rodriguez in the next few days, months and years, but in the interim he continues to anger and mystify the Yankees for what they see as his ham-handed challenges to the team’s medical evaluations.

The latest incident occurred Wednesday when Rodriguez had a doctor go on WFAN, the New York-based sports-talk radio station, to state that he had reviewed a recent magnetic resonance imaging test of Rodriguez’s left quadriceps muscle and saw no strain, contrary to the evaluation of the Yankees’ team physician.

But whatever Rodriguez intended by having a second opinion broadcast on the airwaves, the effort appeared to backfire, and not only because it again raised the ire of the Yankees’ front office.

The doctor who went on the radio, Dr. Michael L. Gross, the chief of orthopedics at Hackensack Medical Center in New Jersey, was reprimanded earlier this year by the State of New Jersey’s Board of Medical Examiners for offenses relating to prescribing steroids.


The rest of the story:

Yack yack yack Rodriguez: I’m okay yack yack yack Yankees: No you aren’t yack yack yack Rodriguez: For the love of God, get me out of Tampa yack yack yack Yankees: You wish yack yack yack . . .

As a Made Yankee Fan in Boston we say: For the love of God, make him go away.

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2 Responses to Please, MLB: Ban A-Roid For Life

  1. Oh, but if he’s banned for life, the Yankees are off the hook for about $100M they promised to pay him. Let him be! 🙂

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