Baby I Can Drive My Carr (Kevin Weeks Edition)

From our Walt Whitman desk

Boston Herald hack Howie Carr got another spotlight dance with himself out of yesterday’s James “Whitey” Bulger court proceedings.

Carr’s column today is largely about the exceedingly odd nature of Bulger’s defense.

070913bulgermg002Whitey defense team falling into a rat trap

Whitey Bulger is obviously acting as his own lawyer, and as the old saying goes, he has a fool for a client.

How else to explain his increasingly bizarre defense, which ended yesterday in a fitful flurry of F-bombs between him and his minion, Kevin “Two” Weeks?

Talk about ironic: Whitey’s gravedigger buried his old boss, and he did it under cross-examination, by Whitey’s own lawyer.

All Bulger cares about, Carr says, “is not going down in gangland history as a rat.”  (Not to get technical about it, but Whitey also cares about not going down in gangland history as the killer of two young women, Deborah Hussey and Debra Davis.)

Regardless, as so often happens, it eventually becomes all about Howie:

Yesterday, Weeks outlined five murders, and afterward all Carney would ask him about was his informant status — that and his alleged plot to kill me. Two Weeks said he and Whitey both wanted to whack me.

“I even knew his address — 99 Concord Road.” No wonder I’m still alive. I lived at 91 Concord Road.

Just for the record: Today’s Boston Globe coverage doesn’t mention Carr.

Originally posted at It’s Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town.


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