Let The Wild Obamacare Rumpus Begin!

The air war over Obamacare has officially begun, with TV spots pro and con popping up all over the place.

Via Monday’s MSNBC First Read:

The fight to define health care’s  implementation: After the Supreme Court upheld the health-care law and after Obama won re-election, the White House assumed — as did most everyone else — that it wouldn’t have to fight again over the law’s legitimacy. Well, so much for that assumption. As Republicans fight implementation of the law and as the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity is planning to air TV ads attacking the law, Obama’s Organizing for Action is up with its second TV advertisement touting its benefits.

First the pros – Organizing for Action‘s new TV spot:



“My daughter Zoe had her first open-heart surgery when she was only 15 hours old. Before Obamacare, insurance companies could put lifetime caps on your health insurance… Zoe was halfway to her cap before her first birthday… Thanks to Obamacare, we can now afford the healthcare that Zoe needs. And for her, that’s a lifesaver.”

Now the cons, from Americans for Prosperity (also via First Read):

The New York Times: “Though many of its rules will not take effect for months, President Obama’s health care law is already the subject of an aggressive advertising campaign by Republicans to sow doubts about how it will work. In one of the largest campaigns of its kind, Americans for Prosperity, a conservative advocacy group financed in part by Charles and David Koch, will begin running television commercials this week asserting that the law will limit Americans’ health care choices. The group is spending more than $1 million on the campaign, which will initially include television advertising in Ohio and Virginia, along with online ads asking people to test their ‘Obamacare risk factors.’”

The spot:


It’s all about the Moms, yeah?

Also of interest: this front-page piece in Monday’s New York Times:

Campaign Ad Cash Lures Buyers to Swing-State TV Stations


When Allbritton, the media company that owns Politico, put its seven television stations up for sale this spring, analysts quickly singled out one as the most attractive: WJLA, the company’s ABC-affiliated station in Washington, D.C. It is the biggest of the bunch, the best known and, perhaps most important, a magnet for political spending.

WJLA took in $33 million in election-related and issue advocacy advertising last year. Only three stations in the United States earned more for political ads, and two of those were also in Washington. That’s because the stations’ signals reach citizens in a crucial battleground state, Virginia, as well as the political power brokers in the nation’s capital. If Allbritton were to sell WJLA by itself, it could fetch $300 million.

Not to mention Ohio:

For stations blessed to be in swing states, political ads routinely represent a third of their overall ad revenue in election years.

For instance, WBNS, the highest-rated station in Columbus, Ohio, grossed about $50 million in advertising last year, of which at least $20 million was attributed to campaign spending. Columbus is the nation’s 32nd largest TV market.

Let the wild Obamacare spending spree begin!

Ohio and Virginia, count your mixed blessings.

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2 Responses to Let The Wild Obamacare Rumpus Begin!

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  2. Al Capone could only have dreamed of such a racket.

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