NYT Is Begging For Subscribers

A few days ago the hardworking staff noted the New York Times full-page ad offering new print subscribers a 50% discount for a limited time.

Yesterday the Times got even more plaintive:

Picture 1


On one hand, it’s sad to see the Good Grey Lady rattling the tin cup. On the other, the results will determine the fate of reporting like N.R. Kleinfield’s wrenching report from the Times Sunday edition:

The Girls Who Haven’t Come Home


The last time they took Vernice Hill’s children away, the time they didn’t give them all back, was the afternoon she went to see her neighbor. Ms. Hill lives in a hulking building on East 188th Street, in a frayed neighborhood in the Bronx. It was May 1, 2005.

Inside her apartment, her two little girls, 3 and 6, were napping. Her two teenage boys, Jmapie, 13, and Matthew, 15, were supposed to be tidying up their room. Around noon, Ms. Hill went to catch up with a frail woman she gossiped with. First, she had some beers. A pot of neck bones and kidney beans simmered on the stove.

Ms. Hill figures she was gone at best an hour. (The police report suggested several hours.) Her keys lay inside. When she returned, she banged on the door and got no response. Rather than clean their room, the boys had gone out — Matthew to the park to play basketball and Jmapie downstairs to a friend’s.

Ms. Hill asked her neighbor to call 911. Firefighters and the police came and pried open the door.

When the officers wouldn’t let Ms. Hill in, she got cross. The police report quoted her as saying, “If you want my kids, take them,” and then punctuating that with a vulgarity.

The rest is just totally sad.

People, you need to pay for that kind of coverage.

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4 Responses to NYT Is Begging For Subscribers

  1. We do pay – and we don’t read any sad stories like this one. It’s Gail Collins, the Slapshot blog, and Bittman for us. And, frankly, we’d pay extra now that Frank Rich is gone.

  2. Bob Gardner says:

    Sorry it took me so long to read “the girls who haven’t come home”. I was involved in a similar case here in Massachusetts, “the Adoption of Betsy”. The two main differences are 1) the mother had far fewer problems than the woman in the story and 2) you won’t be reading about it in the NYT because in Massachusetts the records are impounded.
    In this case there were no allegations of abuse involving the three children ( infants and a toddler), but the mother “had difficulty ending visits on time”. I wish I could say that was an overstatement, but the length and frequency of visits was literally the number one issue in the decision to terminate her rights. It has been over eight years now since she has seen or heard from any of her children.

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