Why We Love The Stanley Cup Playoffs (blackhawks win in ot Edition)

Say, that was some fire drill of a game last night, yeah?

(Note to Bruins fans, of which the hardworking staff is one: Just because the Blackhawks won doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great game.)

A few observations from Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals:

• How worried were you when Patrice Bergeron went to the dressing room in the second period after being plastered into the boards? And how relieved were you when he reappeared?

• Jaromir Jagr might be snakebit around the net in terms of scoring goals, but man, can he pass. Exhibit Umpteen: Bergeron’s second goal last night.


• Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, and Patrick Sharp are back. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

• Tyler Seguin will do something big before this rumpus is over.

• The Obama administration should use Johnny Boychuk’s slapshot at Guantanamo Bay.

• Doc Emrick has never sounded better.

• This is one helluva series, eh?

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5 Responses to Why We Love The Stanley Cup Playoffs (blackhawks win in ot Edition)

  1. I have never seen two teams so evenly matched at this level. The Bruins were sloppy early, and it cost them. It seems like both teams are fully capable of exploiting even the tiniest of errors. Haven’t checked the box scores, but it seems to me the Bruins’ top guys are playing more minutes than the Hawks’. That might make a difference, seeing as how every game turns into a game-and-a-half.

  2. How about that hole in Crawford’s glove, eh?

  3. It’s all a clever ruse to sell Game 6 tix. The building holds 17,565 for hockey. At even the conservative estimate of $100 a seat…

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