Why We Love The Stanley Cup Playoffs (Damn! Blackhawks Win Edition)

Okay, so regulation time in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals just ended with the Los Angeles Kings and Chicago Blackhawks in a 3-3 tie, but it’s how they got there that’s so special.

The ‘Hawks went up 3-2 at 16:08 of the third, thanks to a non-call of a tripping penalty behind the Kings’ net that led to Patrick Kane’s second goal of the game.


That, of course, was just wrong, and the Hockey Gods demanded justice. Which came about three-and-a-half minutes later when the Kings, who couldn’t even get the puck into the Chicago end for about two minutes, got an icing call on Chicago with :14 left.

Then this happened:


So to overtime, which the hardwatching staff is now off to enjoy.

[Twenty minutes later . . . ]

Well that was a swell first overtime, with the Kings dominating the first eight or so minutes, the ‘Hawks returning the favor, then the last few minutes a flat-out fire drill. Both teams are sharp, as are both goalies. It’s totally pick ’em.

So to the second overtime . . .

[8:20 later . . . ]


That would be a hat trick for Patrick Kane.

And that means: Chicago: The Second City, here we come.

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3 Responses to Why We Love The Stanley Cup Playoffs (Damn! Blackhawks Win Edition)

  1. One of the more idiotic icings you’ll see. Not that LA had life in this series, but still…

  2. I’m now 0-2 in staying awake for double overtime. But no matter – on to the Cup! Go Bruins!

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