Why We Love The Stanley Cup Playoffs (Broons Broom Edition)

Okay, so ten days ago the hardwatching staff comes to you and says, “Listen – the Boston Bruins will sweep the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Eastern Conference finals and not only that, the B’s will limit the Pens (the highest-scoring team in the NHL the last two seasons, averaging 4.5 goals per game in this year’s playoffs) to two goals in four games.”

You say we’re crazy, right?

Well . . . crazy!

That was one sweet sweep the local ice squad engineered last night, especially since the only goal came from a blueliner with only one goal in the playoffs.

Take a bow, Adam McQuaid (via WeSeeHockey and the redoubtable Doc Emrick).


So – (likely) an Original Six Stanley Cup Final between the Bruins and the Blackhawks?


In anticipation, the hardrooting staff is reading A.J. Liebling’s 1952 classic Chicago, The Second City.

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3 Responses to Why We Love The Stanley Cup Playoffs (Broons Broom Edition)

  1. And all thanks to Jarome Iginla. It’s not easy to offend professional hockey players on a personal level — because they do it professionally — but Iginla managed it.

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