Why We Love The Stanley Cup Playoffs (Less Hateful Team Wins! Edition)

As the hardwatching staff noted yesterday, we despise the Detroit Red Wings more than we hate the Chicago Blackhawks.

So we were pleased that poetic justice reigned supreme in last night’s Western Conference semifinal final.

First the Blackhawks were robbed of the potential winning goal in the waning minutes of the third period by a dreadful penalty call.


But . . . the Hawks subsequently scored at 3:35 of overtime to send the Hockeytown hoodoos packing, compliments of Brent Seabrook:


Now the Blackhawks face off against the Los Angeles Kings, whom we ardently hope will dope-slap Chicago into oblivion.

Then again, that’s why they play the games.

P.S. Bonus from last night’s game – the call by Doc Emrick, best hockey play-by-play announcer ever.

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2 Responses to Why We Love The Stanley Cup Playoffs (Less Hateful Team Wins! Edition)

  1. Think Bettman gave Tortorella the Darth Vader choke force for not giving him the LA – NY matchup the league desperately wants? “You have failed me for the last time…”

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