Ex-Globe Editor Marty Baron Stiff-Arms National Journal

Former Boston Globe (and current Washington Post) executive editor Marty Baron was profiled in National Journal this week and rest assured, he’s the same in D.C. as he was here – only more so.

Nut graf:

Washington, meet Martin Baron, the new executive editor of The Washington Post, who arrived this year carrying seven cdn-media.nationaljournal.comPulitzers and a sack full of accolades. He wants to find out all about you. But make no mistake, he is not so pleased for you to meet him.

Baron is almost a kind of D.C. antimatter. He does not talk about himself. He does not discuss much of himself, his personal life or, more important, how he runs The Post, still the most iconic media franchise in town, and one beset by all the plagues that have visited newspapers across the country. In a splintered industry where just about everyone works feverishly to develop his own brand, Marty Baron is stubbornly retro. A company man.

And then there’s this from the odious Barney Frank:

“I did find him excessively defensive … to criticism and unwilling to acknowledge anything that they might not have done well.

As the recipient of many a Martygram (tip o’ the pixel to the redoubtable Dan Kennedy), the hardworking staff can attest to Baron’s prickly nature. But – full disclosure – we have misjudged him at times as well, so we await our next Martygram with pleasure.

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