Why We Love The Stanley Cup Playoffs

Reason #1:

The Bruins’ OT win over the Toronto Maple Leafs last night:


Reason #2:

The Kings’ OT win over the St. Louis Blues last night:


Reason #3:

Anaheim’s OT win over the Detroit Red Wings last night.


The hardwatching staff is off to celebrate its 30th wedding anniversary now, so we’ll be Stanley Cupless for awhile.

But you should definitely enjoy the Greatest Show on Ice in our absence.

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7 Responses to Why We Love The Stanley Cup Playoffs

  1. Laurence Glavin says:

    NHL Hockey is so far down in the ranks of spectator sports that no New York City area major commercial radio station does play-by-play of NY Islanders games. So it has fallen to the studebt-run radio station of Hofstra University to do it. It’s as if WERS at Emerson College broadcast Bruins games. It’s explained at the WRHU Wikipedia entry: http:en.wikipedia.org/WIKI/wrhu I understand that the station that carries Mets games will pick upo the WRHU feed of a NY Islanders game because there’s no Mets game at the same time.

  2. Bob Gardner says:

    If you leave a post up for a few days, it sounds new again.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      They all stay up, don’t they, Bob. I just haven’t added any to move it down in the queue.


  3. I’m in this photo. Just sayin’.

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