The Empty Suit & The Empty Chair

Massachusetts Representative Ed Markey, the emptiest suit on Capitol Hill, has finally met his match in an empty chair he’s using to represent his U.S. Senate opponent, Gabriel Gomez.

From Shira Schoenberg’s report in the Springfield Republican:

12662086-mmmainDemocrat Ed Markey hammers rival Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez on refusal to sign People’s Pledge

BOSTON – Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Edward Markey on Monday hammered Republican Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez for refusing to sign the “People’s Pledge,” a pledge effectively barring outside groups from advertising in the election.

“Gabriel Gomez is saying he will not accept the People’s Pledge, that he is going to welcome vast amounts of undisclosed, unlimited money into this campaign,” Markey said at a press conference at the Omni Parker House Hotel. “I think that the people of Massachusetts deserve better. I think they have a right to know who in fact is contributing, who is paying for these ads that are going to come into our state. Is it the (National Rifle Association)? Is it the coal industry? Is it the oil industry?”

“I am committed to signing this pledge if he is willing to sign this pledge,” Markey said, sitting next to an empty chair.

The People’s Pledge, of course, has now become just an elaborate money-laundering scheme, as the hardworking staff has previously detailed.

Regardless, NECN’s redoubtable Alison King has the video here.

Let the wild Kabuki rumpus begin!

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1 Response to The Empty Suit & The Empty Chair

  1. Hey, those misleading attacks ads don’t pay for themselves.

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