NYT Goes To War With WSJ

From our Campaign Outsider Blogeteria desk

Monday’s New York Times gave a major facial to crosstown rival Wall Street Journal in this full-page ad targeted to potential advertisers:

Picture 1

For the fine-print impaired:

The Times’s U.S. audience across desktop, smartphone and tablet platforms is more than double that of The Wall Street Journal.

Over twice as large. That’s how much greater the Times’s digital audience is compared to The Wall Street Journal’s, according to the new comScore multi-platform report. And with 10 million of those visitors coming to us exclusively from smartphones and tablets, you’ll definitely want to include The Times’s mobile offerings in your media buy.

That’s a serious throwdown, triggered by the serious smackdown emerging between the New York national dailies.

Take, for instance, the Boston Marathon bombing story . . .

Read the rest at It’s Good to Live in a Four-Daily Town.

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4 Responses to NYT Goes To War With WSJ

  1. I believe the expression is “face-wash.”

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