Boston Globe Can’t Keep Story Straight

From our Make Up Your Mind Already desk

Today’s Boston Globe sends out conflicting messages on the ultimate effect of Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings.

From the Globe’s Sport page:

Picture 9 13-27-04

Interestingly, on the web Christopher Gasper’s column is headlined, “Marathon attack removes shield from sporting events.” But what counts is the print version.

And that’s where we found this op-ed by Jeff Jacoby:

0821d66038ec4de195e432d4e42476bb-0821d66038ec4de195e432d4e42476bb-0-576Things will be the same again

SCARCELY HAD the terrible news from Copley Square broken when the somber prediction began to be heard everywhere: Boston will never be the sameThe Marathon will never be the samePatriots Day will never be the same.

After such a gory and public atrocity on what is normally such an upbeat, festive day, that was a wholly understandable reaction . . . the heartbreak and shock of this week’s attack will cast a shadow over the city for a long, long time — never more so than on each Patriots Day to come.

But when it comes to what matters most about life in Boston — the feel of freedom and the joy of living in an open society — things are going to be the same. Yes, even now.

Okay so will things or won’t things ever be the same again?

Splendid readers – should we take a vote?

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2 Responses to Boston Globe Can’t Keep Story Straight

  1. Can we just vote on Jeff Jacoby? I vote “no.”

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